Sometimes you meet people who are amazingly selfless. They have an extraordinary story to share and a conviction about what they are doing that is breathtaking. This family is one of those families. I had the amazing blessing of being there at the hearing to finalize the adoption of their fourth child, a beautiful baby boy. Being a lifestyle photographer makes this possible and I’m absolutely honored that they chose me to share this special day.

As you can imagine, the morning started out a bit harried as we were ushered into the courthouse–getting four kiddos dressed and ready to go anywhere is a feat. The guard at the courthouse entrance gave me a strong warning to be sure to have explicit permission from the judge before picking up my camera in the courtroom, or it could be confiscated! We hurried to the second floor where we had a bit of time to wait before the court was ready for us. Luckily there was a nice uninhabited waiting area with beautiful light. The kids played around and we tried to keep them contained as best we could. Suddenly we were ready to head into the courtroom. I followed the family in and waited for the signal that photography in the courtroom was ok. The whole process lasted around five minutes I’d guess and I got just a couple of shots at the end once I knew I was in the clear to photograph. ┬áLuckily there were other opportunities to document the day before and after our court time.

Congratulations S family!