Personal branding in bite-size chunks. This is a great option to get you started or for fresh content throughout the year. Branding shorts will be offered quarterly at different locations. This is the best deal for personal branding! You’ll come visit me at a studio space in Dallas or Plano. I’ll be all set up with a lounge space (think couch or sweet chair), work space (think desk/table for you to set up your computer or whatever you use to get work done) and standing and seated posing areas. Plan two to three outfits. You’ll get a questionnaire and homework to plan your props–even a packing list to be sure you bring everything you need. We will hit the ground running when you arrive so that you get the most bang for your buck at this 30 minute session. You’ll receive 15 images for $450. I can’t wait to start planning your session.

Or book 4 sessions throughout the year (once a quarter) for $1200. This is the best deal! You’ll also have some perks like additional images and a say in some of the decision process for locations!

Have two or more people? Want additional outfits? Reach out with questions and we’ll work together to come up with a great strategy for you.

See available time slots and book now.

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