With every family I meet, whether they have a baby turning one, three children under five, a baby on the way or even a senior in high school, my goal is always to capture them together. To capture whatever stage they are at and whatever moment occurs while I am with them. I met this sweet family before Christmas when their little one was six months old. Now their baby girl is about to turn one and they wanted to capture this milestone for her.

Mom reached out to me for a cake smash session. I think it’s really fun to document one year this way, but I always encourage families to take some family shots, as well.  And for any child, I love to document them in their own surroundings.  I love to document the crib, the high chair.  This family had recently moved and mom was a little unsure if the house would be ready to go.  They were also having renovations done on the home, but I assured her it would be fine.  When I arrived on the morning of our shoot, I pulled up to a precious craftsman style home full of character and charm.  There were a few boxes still out and the usual toys and gear that come with all homes of babies.  The first thing I do when I pull up for an in-home session is take a walk around.  It’s not too hard to walk into a home, decide on a few choice areas for our shoot and clear out any items that would distract from an image.

I meant to take a few pullback shots of the spaces where we shot, but forgot once we were finished up.  Nonetheless, when you look through the images, imagine that there are a number of brightly colored baby toys in bins scattered behind me in the baby’s room. In the master bedroom, there are still a number of boxes against the wall.  And when I walked in, the breakfast area was full of empty boxes and packing paper.  I’m telling you all of this so that you understand, everybody’s home is lived in.  And we can create beautiful art for your family just the way you live.

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one year old baby girl in crib minimal baby decor baby girl in jenny lind high chair baby fingers in lilac icing in-home cake smash session one year old holding hands with parents baby girl with family baby girl reading a book with mom baby girl smiling in crib dad picking up baby girl from crib