Photography is a gift that will last forever

Our babies grow so quickly, but we grow and change as parents as well.  I don’t think anyone would argue that they should take photos of their children, but I believe the need to take photographs of the whole family is often overlooked.

Let’s capture your family in it’s natural state…playing together, laughing together, in your home or at your favorite park.  Let’s document your greatest loves!  Learn more about the family photography session experience below.

Simple Process to Create Beautiful Photographs and Joyful Clients.

The session process at MJP is simple.

1.  Choose a session:  custom or short.  Then, pick a date and pay your session fee.  The session fee does not include prints or products.

2.  Prepare for your session by following using the email prompts.

3.  Have a fun session!

4.  Decide how you’d like to purchase your images.  A la carte and packages are available.  Packages range in price from $400-$1400.  There is no minimum order.

Simple Process to Create Beautiful Photographs and Joyful Clients.

I’ve recently changed the name of my business and have updated my services to better serve my clients and my business goals.  My mission has always been to partner with you and document those that you love in a beautiful and authentic way.  Now, I am diving a little deeper into more personalized service to turn the images we captured into gorgeous artwork for your home and help you preserve those precious memories forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your availability?

By clicking ‘Book Now’, you’ll be taken to a form where you can choose the type of session that you are interested in and ask any questions.  From there, I’ll send a series of emails with links to my calendar program that shows all available session times.  It is updated in real time, but if you have any additional questions about scheduling, please email me at

What does the session fee include?

The session fee is a retainer to book your time and date on my calendar.  It includes the planning before your session and the session time.  It does not include prints or products.  

How do I purchase prints and products?

I’m so glad you asked!  After your session, we will schedule a time for your order session.  We will walk through your images and determine how you’d like to enjoy them in your home.  Products and prints are sold in packages or a la carte.  There is no minimum order for your session. Packages range $400 to $1400 for family sessions.

How long until I see my images?

Three weeks is my standard turn around time stated in our photography agreement.  Sometimes it’s a little shorter.  There is a rush delivery option available on your quote form if you need them guaranteed in three days.

Do you sell digital files?

Absolutely!  I hope your gorgeous images are printed and displayed in your home or business, but I do sell digital files if you love pixels also.

What if I just want one photo?

A la carte options are available just for you–and there is no minimum order.  Of course, I hope you love every single one of your images, but I’m here to serve.

Ready to book?  Let’s do it!  Still have questions?  Contact me here.

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