Every year I strive to grow and learn.  Sometimes that just means practice and other times I seek out more traditional and formal learning opportunities.  This month I took an online class through Clickin’ Moms called Going Beyond the Pose.  Sometimes you want a smiling photo with everyone looking at the camera, I want to give at least one of those to each of my clients at their session.   After all, it’s what Grandma really wants.  But I’m drawn to less posed photography.  Capturing emotion and connection through my lens is always my intent.   This type of session that combines some traditional portraiture but emphasizes relationships, actions, and emotion is how I define my work as a family lifestyle photographer. In this class, I learned from one of my favorite photographers, Elena Blair.  She does amazing family photography work in Seattle.

I met this family for a session specifically for two assignments in the class. Since it was January, I was worried about cold weather, but it ended up being relatively mild.  These two kiddos were a joy to work with.  Little man was a bit grumpy due to the time of day, but a few Skittles cheered him right up.  Precious images to document this family’s life and style: mission accomplished.

family on ground at park, lifestyle photographer

family lifestyle photography, mother daughter

family professional lifestyle photographer mom and baby

family professional lifestyle photographer at park

family lifestyle photographer silhouette

family professional lifestyle photographer mom and daughter

family lifestyle photographer baby