This amazing family contacted me for a summer session.  Mom wanted more traditional photos in a park or urban setting but also some photos of her precious boys enjoying their backyard pool, one of their favorite things to do.  We settled on a session starting in downtown Rockwall and then we moved just down the street to Harry Myers Park to finish the evening session.  We finished up in a true lifestyle photography session in their home and backyard a few weeks later.

We shot this part of the session during the summer when ‘golden hour’ sunlight is very late in the evening, a bit past the bedtimes of these two little ones.  We got beautiful images from the session, but mom and I both knew there would not be time to head back to their house to capture such a big part of their daily life in their pool.


So we decided to reconvene on another night a few weeks later for a short session at their home and finishing up in the pool.  The light inside their home was magical. Also, you can’t recreate the comfort that children feel inside their own house or the pride they convey when they show you their own toys and bedrooms.  And the way the whole family is able to come together for shots that will mean the world to them in five, ten, or even more years when they can look back and remember their home, and their life exactly how it was happening.


What is lifestyle photography?

There are lots of definitions.  In fact, I find there are different definitions between each of the photographers that I know that define their own style as ‘lifestyle’.  I define it as documenting a moment in your life that may be staged and somewhat directed but captures the way you live life together.

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