Senior announcements are just one of many things to remember for your senior year.  Let us help you make it easy!  We can customize any of our designs to your personality, to match your photos, or even highlight the school you are graduating from or the one you will attend.  You can let others know the details of your graduation, your graduation party or even your future plans.

The process is simple.

  1.  Select the images you want to highlight.  Usually a single image on the front of the card and a single or multiple images on the back of the card that highlight different aspects of your personality or interests are ideal.  Even if we didn’t take your senior portraits we can print your cards as long as you provide your photographer’s print release.
  2. Choose a front and back from our basic designs.
  3. Decide on your front and back text.  Let me know about any special colors or patterns that you love.
  4. From there, I’ll design your proof and send it over!  If you love it, it’ll be here tomorrow.  If we need to tweak things a bit, no problem.

Still need senior photos?  It’s not too late to book your senior photography session.  Class of 2016 sessions will continue into the month of June.  Wondering when it is too late to send your senior announcements?  Check out our post on etiquette for graduation!

senior announcement