Personal Branding Photography can help you tell the story of your brand and reach your favorite clients.  The ones fill your heart with joy when you serve them well.  Let’s plan a session showcasing all of your best assets to truly connect with your customers and show off your business and your brand in the very best light! 

What does it mean to tell the story of your brand?

When you think about photography for your business, many of us think of headshots.  In fact, on my website I have simply called what I do headshot photography because that’s what people are searching for on google and that’s how I’ve had the greatest success of them finding me.  But I’m on a mission to spread knowledge of how much more powerfully photography can help you reach your people–those clients that connect so deeply to what it is that you do and those clients that you love to serve.  You definitely need a headshot, but there is so much more to your brand than just one smiling tightly cropped picture can convey. A personal branding photography session will help you hone your brand messaging.

We will discuss your business and your brand specifically to determine what types of images would be most useful in sharing your message. Do you have a unique process for your service? Do you produce an amazing product? Do you want to reach millenials or retired baby-boomers? We will photograph you interacting with your team and doing the work that you do everyday. We can photograph your place of business. Or we can work together to come up with a plan to showcase your home based business in a professional way.

Check out a couple of examples:

I followed a group financial professionals into a flower field in Richardson so that they could share with clients that they were more than buttoned up and stuffy financial practice, they were fun-loving and full of personality.  We photographed them jumping in a field and kicking up their heels. We even went to a local coffee shop where they clinked their coffee cups to say ‘cheers’ to their clients who were celebrating an accomplishment.

three men at personal branding photography session 'cheers' with coffee cups
‘Cheers’ to clients to celebrate with them

I met a local artist who specialized in pet portraits.  Her clients were from all over and sent her snap shots of their pets for her to paint.  She needed images to show her clients a little more about her process. We captured headshots, but we also captured her painting in her home studio, got detail shots of her tools and her at work for her website and promotional brochures, and of course captured images of her with her own pets to that clients knew she loved her own pets as much as they loved theirs.  I realized I was helping each client tell their individual story to their clients.  

women kissing dog at personal branding session by Meredith Joyce Photography
This artist loves her pet as much as her clients love their pets
art supplies image by Meredith Joyce Photography
We will showcase the tools you use everyday in a beautiful and authentic way

So, what is the story of YOUR personal branding?

I hope that by seeing some of the images here you’re getting some ideas, but I know it can be daunting to come up with ideas for a full suite of images that show all that you want to share at your personal branding session. So, I’ve created a Branding Questionnaire for my clients. This document asks lots of questions about your brand to get you thinking. And to help me help you in this process. We will brainstorm ideas together based on your answers.

Adults at meeting with mornin' world changer coffee cup
Mornin’ world changer. What coffee mug messages showcase your brand?
chiropractor adjusting child at personal branding session by Meredith Joyce Photography
Let’s share what you do everyday

And the best news? This questionnaire is a valuable way to help you brainstorm all of your marketing messaging! Clients and friends (that’s you!) get a list of additional resources that have helped answer these same questions in my business. I’d love to send it over right now! Send me an email at and I’ll send it over now.

Ready to start planning your own session? Let’s get going. Contact me here to book now.

four adults walking from courthouse in Rockwall, TX
We can capture your team at an iconic location to reach local clientele