Every year, every week, and even at every single family photography session, I learn more about photography, business and myself.  This fall has been wonderful and tough at the same time. I have met more families than ever before. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet each one of you and in our short time together boil down the essence of your family–to take the short course in your unique family dynamic and capture that with my camera in a still image. It makes my heart swell just writing that.

But this is the year that I said “no” to my Santa Sessions.  I have LOVED doing Santa Sessions. Santa Emmett is the absolute BEST (he posts his schedule on his website so you can see when he has events with other photographer shoots and even free events like Bass Pro Shops around DFW if you want to go find him).  And all of the precious kiddos that I meet are so much fun to capture as they meet and interact with Santa Claus.

Before I ever started a photography business, I was always struck by how time flew from mid-November through the end of the year.  And now with three children AND a photography business, it flies from mid-September through the end of the year.

So this year, we’ve filled our schedule–and I know the time will still race by–but our greatest priorities are all spelled out.  “Decorate the house” takes a prime spot the weekend after Thanksgiving (this is normally when I would have scheduled Santa)–right after the Christmas parade in our town.  My husband and I actually get to take a little weekend getaway the second week in December, which I would not have been able to even consider in years past while I was buried under a pile of editing.

And saying “no” to Santa Sessions has allowed me to concentrate more fully on the family and newborn parts of my photography business, which have both grown this year.  

I decided at the beginning of this season against doing Santa sessions for all of the reasons above, but I was running this morning and listening to The Happy Hour podcast with Jamie Ivey.  Her guest was Myquillyn Smith (episode #218). The episode was actually about home decorating and cozy minimalism–and I could use more of both–but I was struck by a small part where they discussed how society usually doesn’t hear our “no”.  It only sees our “yes”. You never hear about what events I (or anyone) DID NOT go to. You just see my posts on social media about where I did go. You don’t see the sessions that I turned down this season in my business, just the posts I make about the awesome clients that I did get to see.  

So I wanted to share my “why” for saying “no” to Santa Sessions and “yes” to my family and other parts of my business.


family of 4 fall photography session family photographer at sunset


If you’re looking for more information about contacting Santa Emmett, or finding another Rockwall photographer who is doing Santa mini sessions, reach out on my ‘Contact Me’ page.


If you’re interested in booking a family or newborn session this fall, it’s not too late, but it will be soon!  Contact me now.

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